David Vimar, born in Madrid in 1988, is a multidisciplinary artist who currently lives and works between Madrid and Toledo. In a family environment of grandmother healer and photographer father, he progresses self-taught in the plastic arts. From his beginnings he combines different materials and techniques that make up a plastic and conceptual balance of his work, where all his pieces expose his vision of communication between human beings.

     He understands the creation of each of his paintings as a process of molding and discovering a new being, as an introspection exercise. In his works we can appreciate the physical gesture, the creation of a pictorial space, the game between painting and sculpture and the autonomy of matter and color.

     Since 2022, he is focused on his new project "The Voice of the Forest", where he encourages us to investigate our communicative power in society, presenting a series of pieces that symbolize the interconnection power of our forests.