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The Environment

About the communicative void and superficial creation


The urban population increases exponentially each year. The overpopulation of urban centers has become one of the major problems facing the world. According to a UNO report, the phenomenon of this century will be the "megacities", with more than 10 million inhabitants each. There are new ways of being together, and the city is the stage where the real transformations of societies are observed.


David Vimar draws with black ink on paper, a city representative of our planet for 6 months, through a meditative process of creation. Line by line he draws the environment where human beings coexist and relate to each other in society. A project that analyzes the evolution of communication between human beings in our urban centers.

We are facing new ways of being together that provoke, today more than ever, a paradoxical decrease of a correct relationship between human beings. (5).jpg

David Vimar paints Paris City in his Madrid Studio

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