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The Curtain

An allegory on the theatrical stage

Turquesa 122x180 cm C.jpg

Theater is one of the performing arts linked to acting, a literary genre created to be represented. Thousands of characters have been interpreted since the most ancient origins of theater.


In this project, David Vimar wants to reflect the relationship between human beings differentiating how we are naturally and how we are when we relate to other people. He uses the curtain of a theater as a symbol of separation between the person and the personage. The curves and formal gestures of the monochromatic curtain show a canvas that makes it impossible for us to cross the stage, like a symbol of the division between our real self and our social self. This incongruence between person and character induces a transformation of our own reality. Each piece seeks a spectator to provoke an exercise of internal contemplation

David Vimar creates an allegory on the theatrical stage, as a metaphor for the fictitious communication between human beings.

"The Curtain" Artist Book

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